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The final year of high school is over before you know it, so making the most of it is a top priority. While many students want to celebrate the end of their school years, many parents recognise the importance of helping them do well in their final exams. When it comes to popular subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and English you’re in a cohort of thousands of students who all want to achieve their best to ensure a bright future. Staying focused is a challenge but with HSC tutoring you can structure your year so that there’s plenty of time for celebrations and studying. For more than 20 years, Tutoring for Excellence have been helping students reach their goals and giving parents peace of mind that they’ve done as much as possible to help their children succeed.

Qualified tutors in Maths, Physics, English & Chemistry

In recent years greatest demand for HSC tuition has been in the subject areas of: Advanced English, English Extension 1, General Maths, Mathematics (previously 2 Unit), Maths Extension 1 (previously 3 Unit), Maths Extension 2 (previously 4 Unit), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Modern History, Ancient History and Economics. Additionally, all other HSC subjects are covered by our skilled and knowledgeable tutors.

Even the brightest students can benefit from HSC tutoring to solidify their understanding of the subject matter. Other benefits include increasing their self-confidence in their knowledge and study prep and minimising the stress of feeling unprepared before exams.

Find a tutor in Sydney

Ready to make the most of your final year? Find a tutor online and arrange a private at-home or online HSC tutoring session in Sydney. As one of Australia’s most respected and recognised tutoring companies, we’ve expanded our reach far beyond Sydney with qualified tutors across Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

Featured Testimonial

“A big thank you to Vincy and Michael for a wonderful effort with tutoring Martha this year. I would like to especially thank Vincy who stepped in when Martha’s General Math tutor left for an amazing job opportunity. Vincy was also well organised and deeply caring and nurturing of Martha in both Business Studies and General Math. Martha really responded to her tutoring style and I really appreciated her updates to me on Martha’s progress. She was exceptionally well organised, polite and followed through on all tasks.” Mrs Dixon, NSW

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