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The subject of Mathematics can be a sticking point for many students. It can take natural aptitude, logical skills and a genuine interest in the subject to excel at it and not all students have these assets. However, the basic principles of mathematics can be improved with the use of engaging and interactive apps available for use on tablets, smart phones and laptops.

1. Einstein Math Academy


This app is a colourful, musical and entertaining experience for children ages 3 and up. Students with rudimentary skills can practise identifying math symbols whilst older children can use the symbols to rehearse their knowledge of operations. A monkey resembling Einstein helps them along their journey to collect silver and gold coins that contribute to their final scores.

2. Let’s Do The Math


A computer based app that presents word problems that exercise their skills in addition and subtraction. Additionally it has 15 different types of exercises to get their numerical brains working. You can also organise the menu system so that the app generates flash cards or puzzles to keep testing their knowledge.

3. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

iOS and Android

Colourful and cheerful characters escort the players around the game helping them to find their way through the math problems. Children can practice their multiplication, addition, subtraction and division skills throughout the game. Their answers are placed on a bingo board and at each stage there are visual models to assist children if they are struggling with questions.

4. Mathmateer


This is a creative and stimulating app, especially for boys as each correct answer enables them to help build a rocket ship that they can launch into space at the end of their game. In order to purchase their building materials kids must earn money by answering questions on recognising patterns, telling time, fractions and square roots.

5. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab


For advanced mathematic students this intuitive app is the best free version of its kind offering users a simple way to create and play with graphs to create slopes, roots and intersections.

6. Numbler by BrainingCamo


In the style of ‘Words with Friends’ players are asked to create equations on a scrabble-like board to compete against either the computer or friends. It is great to practice skills in all of the basic math operations.

7. Tally Tots

iOS and Android

For children just learning about their numbers this app gives simple and engaging activities to do for each number from 1-20 to help them begin to use and recognise the numbers.

8. Squeebles Times Tables 2

iOS and Android

Master the 1-12 times tables with the help of Whizz. Over time collect the fantastic game rewards like characters and trophies. Ideally for parents you can generate stats and reporting to keep track of progress.

9. Let’s Do Mental Maths


A practice app for students aged 6-11 who can test their mental math skills on key curriculum areas. There are starter questions, progress tests and practice questions as well as the ability to generate reports.

10. Dragon Box Algebra


It is an advanced app that gives essential practice to high school students on the dreaded algebra topic. It has simple and straightforward explanations to give them a better understanding of the ways the numbers interact with each other. By experimenting with rules and finding the answers using visual cues the player can advance through the rounds.