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A Selection of Testimonials

We welcome further contributions from both tutors and clients. Please submit your feedback and suggestions here.

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It has been great working with the company and my leave is due to my taking up of a full-time job at Prince of Wales Hospital beginning in February as I have recently graduated from my physiotherapy degree. All the best in the future.

Tutor J. Evans Dover Heights, Sydney, NSW

Tutoring this year has been a fantastic experience. All my students have been great and it has been excellent working with the agency. Next year I will be completing a clinical placement and will not have time to tutor. Thank you for all your help. If I decide to tutor again I will contact you.

Tutor A.O’Connor Newtown, NSW

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for giving me the opportunity to work as a member of your company, it has provided me with great experiences that i could not have gained elsewhere. I will always be sure to recommend Tutoring For Excellence to my peers should they wish to start tutoring, and also to family members and friends who may be in need of tutoring – I would have no hesitation.

Tutor S. Chenney Sydney, NSW

It was a pleasure to meet you at the interview last Friday, and I’m much appreciative of the wonderful and effective systems you have in place for communication and administration. That is such a lovely change compared to some of the other agencies I have worked for over the last few years.

Tutor D.Murphy Ryde, NSW

I am very happy with my tutoring experiences and have felt that my contact with Sarah and Chris has been professional and helpful. The students and their families have been well suited. I look forward to continuing with all my tutoring students next year.

Tutor K.May Chatswood, NSW

Tutoring For Excellence has been great to work for, providing excellent clients and simplifying the whole process for me. Next year I expect to be too busy with other work, otherwise I’d definitely keep working with you.

Tutor S.Macdonald Newtown, NSW

It’s been a fantastic experience. So much so, that I plan to do a Grad Dip in Education and go into teaching as a career, probably some time in the next 2 years. I’ve found I have a real passion for it. So thank you for the opportunities and experiences you gave me, it’s been more than worth it.

Tutor S.Villiers Canberra, ACT

Thanks for the opportunity to work with your organisation. It is by far the most professional of all the ones I’ve come across

Tutor P.Rossall Sydney, NSW

Thank you for the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed working for you. I feel it has been a valuable experience for me and I will certainly miss the job satisfaction, as I find tutoring completely different (and in some ways more rewarding) to classroom teaching.

Tutor B.Murnane Brisbane, QLD

I have enjoyed working for Tutoring For Excellence so much over the last two years, and feel that this position has improved my communication skills immensely (and kept my maths up to date!). It has also been fantastic to see students improve over time, both in terms of their marks on exams and in terms of confidence. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do to finalise this, but above all, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to gain this experience. It’s been great!

Tutor C.Hamilton Neutral Bay, NSW

Thank you very much for your help and assistance over the past year. It has been a very rewarding experience and I’ve been most impressed with your organisations level of professionalism.

Tutor T. Scott Melbourne, VIC

Staff have treated me excellently and have been very understanding of all situations including when I was sick and couldn’t tutor for a couple of weeks. Sorry I won’t be tutoring with TFE next year, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience but want to pursue other things with my time next year.

Tutor J.Vrachas Sydney, NSW

Thankyou for the opportunity and experience, and I have enjoyed getting to know my students and watching them improve. It has been an overall rewarding experience.

Tutor N. Coleman Beverly Hills, Sydney, NSW

Please pass on my thanks to everyone at Tutoring for Excellence. It has been a great company to work through. Excellent support and wonderfully professional. I will be passing the word on.

Tutor B. Josey Petersham, Sydney, NSW

It has been a wonderful experience working for Tutoring for Excellence and the numerous clients I have been offered. TFE has made me realise the skills I had but would never have used without this opportunity to work for TFE. More over, being able to witness the academic progress and achievements of my students have finally made me understand why tutors who have helped me in the past, loved and enjoyed their job so much. Thank you TFE and my clients for this unforgettable experience.

Tutor W. Li Ashfield, Sydney, NSW

It was a difficult decision to make, as it has been a pleasure to work for Tutoring for Excellence. I am returning to full-time employment and hence will not be able to continue tutoring.

Tutor K. Dutton Sydney, NSW

I’d also just like to say that it was a pleasure working with you and also the rest of the Tutoring for excellence team and that I’d like to wish you all the very best.

Tutor J. Ly Fairfield West, Sydney, NSW

I would also like to thank Tutoring for Excellence for many great experiences and giving me the opportunity to work with this company. It is with regret that I am resigning from TFE.

Tutor M. Anisseh Wattle Grove, Sydney, NSW

All the best for the future. It has been a pleasure working with you all and I have enjoyed my time tutoring with TFE.

Tutor T. Fong Belfield, Sydney, NSW

I would like to thank Tutoring For Excellence for providing me with clients over the past six months or so and I would like to express my regret that my personal circumstances will not allow me to continue with your organisation.

Tutor D. Clough Chatswood, Sydney, NSW

I have greatly enjoyed my time at Tutoring for Excellence, have bonded with my clients and appreciated the kindness and efficiency of the administrative team. I would like to thank you for taking me on and providing me with this pleasant opportunity and experience.

Tutor R. Stockwell Wollongong, NSW

I know that I still have a few weeks with TFE but I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for this year. I have so loved tutoring this year and wish that I could continue and I’m sure that I will return to it once I return from exchange. I’m sure that the skills I have learnt from tutoring will be a big help throughout the rest of my academic life. Also, I’d like to thank the TFE staff for being really helpful with any questions I had about students; thanks for making my tutoring experience so enjoyable!

Tutor R. Ou Yang Brighton East, Melbourne, VIC

Your team is full of lovely and easy to deal with people who are very prompt with replying to emails, phone calls and making sure the business runs seamlessly, which makes it easier for us as tutors. Keep up the good work!

Tutor M. Dang Narre Warren, VIC

Mahesh has been a terrific tutor for our son where we have seen amazing improvements in his approach to learning. My whole family enjoyed Mahesh’s calm and kind presence in our home and we will miss seeing him weekly. Thank you for organising such a smooth partnership to help his learning. The admin staff should also be congratulated for their prompt and friendly service. I will recommend Tutoring for excellence if anyone asks for tutoring suggestions.

M. Nazzari

I am a new user of the Tutoring for excellence service and was extremely impressed by the professionalism and timely response to my initial enquiry.

Mr. Sherman Sydney, NSW

Hi David, just thought I’d let you know I passed with flying colours (credit colours anyway). I would like to thank you again for you help and tuition throughout the semester. I know that is your role, but I can safely say i would not have achieved my mark without your assistance. I will be sure to recommend you very highly if I get the opportunity with fellow students.

M. Jones Sydney, NSW

I would just like to say thanks for finding me the perfect tutor. I went through numerous tutors and I couldn’t find the perfect one! However, when I sought a tutor through TFE, you guys found the perfect tutor the first time. John, my tutor, is a great tutor – he is great at explaining things, easy to understand and most of all, knows how I like to be taught.

T. Issar Sydney, NSW

Good Morning ladies, Madison will no longer require tuition for English as she has just completed her grade 12 term three English exam and as next term is only 5 weeks for grade 12 she doesn’t feel she requires ‘tutoring for excellence’ that term. Thank you for all your support over the years with my girls, the tutors have all been excellent. Thanking you.

T.Lindstrom New Farm, Brisbane, QLD

I just felt I should give some feedback as people are usually so quick to complain and so slow with compliments. My son Josh got 53% in a test when we decided to get a tutor. We got Rachel and she was absolutely amazing. So focused, and covered so much. Josh really started to understand the things he had not understood before. Yesterday he told me that he really liked maths, and he was thinking about doing Accelerated maths at school next year. He got 93% in his last test. Thank you.

D. Joffe Lane Cove, Sydney, NSW

David was a wonderful tutor and we would definitely use him again, should the situation arise. We would also not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needed assistance with Maths tutorial and would also highly recommend your organisation, Tutoring for Excellence, who dealt with our difficult request promptly and with a positive outcome. Can you please pass on to David our thanks again for all his assistance, it was much appreciated.

F.Maloney Rose Bay, NSW / London, UK

Our tutor, Fiona, has been terrific and we are very happy with the level of tuition she has given, as well as her very friendly manner and professional approach. We wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Fiona and Tutoring For Excellence to anyone after such a service.

H. Kimber Melbourne, VIC

I would like firstly to give you some feedback about Daniel, he is a lovely polite person who is getting real results from Alysha it is a pleasure to have him come every week.

B. Blair Sydney, NSW

Terry has been diligent and punctual and his guidance has been beneficial. We will look to further bookings next term and certainly during BJs senior years. Thanks for your support.

I. Jackson Wollongong, NSW

Daniel has been a delight and is a very bright young man (I sound old!) and my son has requested that, if we do resume, he only wants Daniel!

L. Clayton Melbourne, VIC

Terry has been a fantastic patient and thorough maths tutor and I would strongly recommend him to other students.

D. Meleo Sydney, NSW

We have found Leigh to be very professional and he has helped our daughter immensely with her Biology studies. I would recommend him without a doubt.

S. Crossingham Brisbane, QLD

Our daughter’s grades improved grades dramatically, she has so much more confidence and it is amazing the difference tutoring can make. It has been such a positive experience that next year they will be coming back to us for a Math’s tutor for younger daughter.

C. Bowman Brisbane, QLD

Thank you very much, Andrea has done a fabulous job of tutoring Pamela she is now in top five of her class but her schedule has become too hectic.

P. Distapan Sydney, NSW

Kim been very helpful, she was able to identify his difficulty crafting essays. He did try to two other tutors with another agency initially who weren’t able to assist him, so she has definitely done well in engaging him. Thanks to TFE for doing your best!

D. Glass Cantebury, VIC

Thanks for your great service, Alvin is wonderful!

A. Clausen Melbourne, VIC

I would really like to say how wonderful Jason has been for our daughter, and if he is available for tutoring next year, I would really really really love to have him back for her again. He has a wonderful way with her and her results and confidence have improved. As she will be going into college, she will definitely need to continue with maths tutoring. Thank you for such a wonderful service.

D. Thompson-Kennedy Canberra, ACT

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all at “Tutoring For Excellence”. Rachel received a very friendly and outstanding tutoring service from Josh. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services and possible use this service in the future for my younger daughter. Thank you.

D. Lown Georges Hall, NSW

I would just like to say how happy we have been with Pamudi during the time that she has worked with my son, Jason, to improve his Maths and Physics. She has always been very professional and encouraging with Jason. (He never complained once about having to go to his tuition. In fact, I think he quite looked forward to it.) I would highly recommend Pamudi to my friends who have high school children who need tutoring in Maths or Physics.

Mrs. Rees Brisbane, QLD

Thank you for your assistance with tutoring for Bianca in legal studies. Miran is a wonderful, dedicated and very patient tutor and has helped Bianca tremendously with her legal studies. Tomorrow is her exam and we are hoping that she does really well. We would also like to thank Miran for the dedication, punctuality and patience.

Mrs. Fernandes Melbourne, VIC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. The service offered has been professional and friendly. The administration side has worked seamlessly.

Mr. Blackman Melbourne, VIC

Marissa has been just fantastic and I am sure has helped Luke to do well in his HSC.

Mrs. Marshall Sydney, NSW

Marissa has been just fantastic and I am sure has helped Luke to do well in his HSC.

Mrs. Elmelki Sydney, NSW

Eva really enjoyed Janine tutoring lessons and her indepth knowledge of both Modern History and Legal Studies and wished we had learnt about you when Eva was struggling in Year 11.

Mrs. Elmelki Sydney, NSW

We all found Sruthy very pleasant to deal with and Isaac told me to say that it was a pleasure for him to be tutored by her. Isaac’s English grades were much improved because of Sruthy’s wonderful assistance.

Mrs. Ralph Brisbane, QLD

Thank you for the assistance during the past few months. We will contact you again in future if we require your services. We appreciate your professional standard.

Mr. Mpaso Canberra, ACT

Annabel found Amber to be a helpful and approachable teacher and she gave her some excellent tips that her school English teacher had not provided. Amber was also confidence building in her teaching style.

Mrs. Glanville Melbourne, VIC

I would like to say that we were very impressed with Khabi. He was punctual and friendly and his style of tutoring helped Daniel to improve his understanding of the maths topics that were included in the end-of-year assessment.

Mrs. Grant Canberra, ACT

David has been a great mentor for me and has helped me get through several difficult math exams.I have certainly appreciated David’s insight and guidance and would recommend him highly as a patient and methodical mathematician.

Mr. Wilson Sydney, NSW

We had Laura come and tutor Aisling 10 weeks before finals. Not only did Laura teach Aisling the skill required but she was additionally very supportive, contacting Aisling after her SAC & her exam. I wish we had had Laura earlier and will definitely recommend her to our friends and request her services for our son.

Mrs. Hunter Melbourne, VIC

Thank you for recommending Lucy to help Asher with his HSC studies in Advanced English. He has come a long way since deciding to step up to this subject in year 11 and Lucy has absolutely been instrumental in helping him do this. She was professional yet delightfully engaging in helping Asher reach his potential. Please pass on my thanks to her and we wish her all the best in the future.

Mrs. Vaughan Sydney, NSW

We’ve been very happy with Greg and the way he’s worked with Felix. He’s a dedicated and patient tutor, engaging with Felix in a quiet yet meaningful way, often in some long sessions to assist Felix with his maths work. I’d certainly recommend him to any other families wishing to employ a tutor

Mrs. Kennedy Canberra, ACT

We are very happy with Luke and greatly appreciate the help he has given Patrick. He has been very professional as well as approachable and flexible. Patrick gets on well with him and said “he is just what I needed”. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other students.

Mrs. Pugh Wollongong, NSW

Thank you, we would like to thank Kris for all his hard work, patience, kindness and expertise. He has helped Jason enormously and given him great confidence for his exams. We would recommend Kris highly to anyone looking for a maths tutor.

Mrs. Walker Melbourne, VIC

I can’t speak highly enough of Marianne and the help she provided to Elise. Please pass on my profound appreciation to Marianne.

Mrs. Elmelki Sydney, NSW

We were extremely pleased with Sally. She was polite, professional and prompt at all times, and her good tutoring techniques extended and encouraged Megan. Thanks again and I wish Sally all the best in the future.

Mrs. Hunter Brisbane, QLD

Our experience with Tutoring for Excellence was excellent! We are especially grateful to Elisa for stepping in for the final couple of months. Elisa was delightful, professional , knowledgable and a great help to Alexander. We would highly recommend her as a tutor.

Mr. Gogel Melbourne, VIC

Steph has been a great help to Luc especially with English. She has gone the extra mile in preparing material for him to help him get ready for the HSC and also egged him along and gave him lots of encouragement.

Mrs. Zampetakis Sydney, NSW

Our son has been reluctant to date but bonded really well with Josh. He will be ideal as a tutor for anyone. A respectful and lovely young man!

Mrs. McConachy Adelaide, SA

Sarah has been an excellent tutor and we will be contacting you in the new year to see if she may be available for my daughter. We have been very happy with her services.

Mr. Davies Sydney, NSW

Millie has been absolutely fantastic for our daughter, she has improved her grades immensely and even the biology teacher asked who the tutor was! Emma just wishes she got tutoring early as Millie has helped her really enjoy and understand the subject and she is actually looking forward to the HSC Biology exam!

Mrs. Gentner Chandler, QLD

Minh has been an outstanding tutor, very professional and has excellent tutoring skills. Thank you.

Mrs. Drak Cheltenham, VIC

Firstly to you as a business I would like you to know how positive, responsive and supportive I found every contact I had with your team. This included from commencement right through to finding the right tutor and venue and subsequent change in tutors. Before contacting yourselves I had tried several services all of which were slow to respond and ultimately unable to help, so you provided a welcome change. In terms of tutors both of the young men Samuel and James were mature, knowledgeable and always reliable. I thought their approaches were outstanding given their youth and they certainly were a good fit for Justin. As for Justin’s results, we know that he had the best support he could and the final part is over to him now. I do believe the tutoring has made a big difference for him and am glad you were able to provide it. We will happily recommend your business to others.

Mrs. Miller Brisbane, QLD

Jacob has been an outstanding tutor and I have been very happy with your service.

Mrs. Hayes Watson, ACT

We found Paul to be extremely committed and patient with Olivia. He always found the time to meet with her and provided her with past papers and other learning aids. I would recommend Paul to any parent who has a child who needs help with Maths.

Mr. Ratcilfee Hornsby, NSW

Vanessa was an outstanding tutor for Jake. Over the 3 years in tutoring English Jake was able to move into advanced English for the HSC. His writing development transferred to other subjects and this had a corresponding impact in lifting his results in these subjects. Jake found Vanessa exceptional to talk to and highly valued her direction and critique. A truly rewarding experience for Jake and wonderful assurance for us as his parents.

Mr. Harley Croydon, NSW

Derek was excellent we found him easy to understand and to get along with. He was always very polite and professional in his manner. We appreciate all the hard work and preparation he put into each tutoring session with Conor and would like to pass on our sincere thanks to Derek. I would have no hesitation in recommending Derek to anyone else for tutoring in Biology and your company for their help in finding us a suitable tutor.

Mrs. Crimmons Beecroft, NSW

Joshua has been an excellent Business Studies tutor for my daughter in her final preparation for the HSC. Josh was prompt, polite and professional in all his dealings with myself and Emma. Josh’s tutoring helped her enormously, not only did he prepare her in terms of the business studies curriculum, but he showed a personal interest in motivating and encouraging Emma in her learnings and regularly pointing out the specific ways she was improving in her studies.

Mrs. Couttas Randwick, NSW

I would like to commend the tutor Tariq for his passion for teaching and his efforts with my daughter.

Mrs. Prasad Ryde, NSW

Thank you. Sue has been wonderful! She has made a genuine and appreciable difference to Tahlia’s performance in Chemistry.

Mrs. Halaz Sydney CBD, NSW

Both tutors have been an enormous help and we much appreciated you setting them up at such short notice.

Mrs. Parkes North Curl Curl, NSW

The tutors were exceptional. Flo is very talented, delightful and a dedicated, supportive and patient tutor. David was excellent and has really created a very strong interest in his subject for Damien which meant that he enjoyed learning about it for it’s own sake. Luke is such a natural and pertinent teacher who gave the best advice and guidance Damien could have received in his subject. He is a gem. They are all outstanding and a credit to you. I have already recommended your services and will continue to do so

Mrs. Beckman Sydney, NSW

David tutored my son and daughter, he was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I have no hesitation to recommend David to other parents. Your organisation was helpful, professional and easy to deal with and I will definitely recommend you to other parents.

Mrs. Farah Ashburton, VIC

Jennifer has been a wonderful tutor, and provided just the assistance that Mikayla needed. She was the perfect tutor for Mikayla.

Mrs. Ryan Weetangera, ACT

I would highly recommended Daniel as a tutor. He was professional, polite, encouraging, always flexible and a great mentor to Alex.

Mrs. Pase North Carlton, VIC

What can I say, but a Big THANK YOU. Laura was absolutely fantastic with Phoebe. In the end she was like family. Could you please ensure is made aware of the impact she has on Phoebe and results are a true testament.

Mrs. Boot Diamond Creek, VIC

Thanks for the encouragement! Ben sat his English exam the week before last, and completed it confidently. He has really enjoyed his tutoring sessions with Terry, and hopefully his exam result will reflect all the hard work he has put in.

Mrs. Kooten North Croydon, VIC

Well what can I say about Nicholas except that he was an amazing help to Georgia. He was kind considerate, very caring and great at English.

Mr. Bradford Deniliquin, NSW

Jesse was an outstanding tutor, very enthusiastic with excellent communication skills. Highly recommended for any Year 12 student

Mrs. Anagnostaco Pascoe Vale, VIC

We are so thankful for Adam helping Beck over the past few years. His subject knowledge was excellent and he was a great tutor being patient, reliable and encouraging. I would highly recommend Adam

Mrs. Caroll Wombarra, NSW

I just wanted to say thank you for organising Monsour to tutor Catherine. He is always very organised, on time and has really helped Catherine with her sociology. He is very good at explaining it at her level.

Mrs. Stevens North Lyneham, ACT

“We loved having Kate as our tutor! She came so often towards the end she was practically family! We think she helped Nick not only with English but History and Legal. She also assisted him with organization. We were so happy with her and would like to use a tutor of yours when our daughter gets into year 12.”

Mrs. Rees VIC

“We would like to thanks Rachel for her tutoring this year. Her service was excellent and Paige improved significantly over the year and found the English exam much better than expected. This helped Paige across several subjects with the improvement in essay writing. We have recommended your service to others.”

Mrs. Saunders VIC

“Firstly, thanks to all of you guys in the admin for making this job so easy for me. It’s been about 6 months and I am pleasantly surprised with both the constant stream of students that are offered as well as the amazing job that goes on behind the scenes getting this set up. A big thank you to all involved!”

Tutor M. Bliss VIC

“I am writing to give some feedback, after completing a year of tutoring with your company. Both myself and my parents found it to be an easy process, in terms of accessibility and communication. Secondly, I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Ibrahim, he has helped me greatly during my last year of studies and was also a very respectful man towards my family and myself. He achieved great success with me and should be commended on his dedication and teaching abilities.”

Student J. Aviet NSW

” A big thank you to Vincy and Michael for a wonderful effort with tutoring Martha this year. I would like to especially thank Vincy who stepped in when Martha’s General Math tutor left for an amazing job opportunity. Vincy was also well organised and deeply caring and nurturing of Martha in both Business Studies and General Math. Martha really responded to her tutoring style and I really appreciated her updates to me on Marthas progress. She was exceptionally well organised, polite and followed through on all tasks.”

Mrs. Dixon NSW

“Chris has been absolutely fantastic and a wonderful and polite tutor and has taught my son so much. He has given a lot of convenience and nothing was ever a problem.”

Mrs. McCormack NSW

“It has been great tutoring through your service during this last semester. Tutoring companies I have previously worked with have not had such a professional manner, particularly on the admin side of things. From the portal layout to immediate email responses, you have been very helpful!”

Tutor R. Spencer QLD

“Aidan was excellent. Not only was he friendly but his communication skills were Fantastic. He made Jackson feel comfortable and his knowledge of Chemistry was awesome. We felt Jackson definitely benefited from his tutoring.”

Mrs. Chilby NSW

“Callie is an excellent, prompt and efficient tutor, and has given Tiffany the confidence to now undertake her exam revisions, comfortable that she has increased her knowledge in all the areas that Callie helped her with. We couldn’t recommend Callie highly enough, she is great.”

Mrs. Blatchford NSW

“We have nothing but praise for our tutoring experience with Daniel. He has made a huge impact on Chione’s performance in maths but also her attitude towards studying it. She went from disliking the subject to enjoying it which is largely due to the positive tutoring experience. Daniel had lots of patience and diligence when tutoring and also was punctual and polite. We are extremely happy with the service.”

Mrs. Sofianidis NSW

“It’s been a really good year and I’ve really enjoyed myself in this role. Every contact I’ve had with you guys has always been exceptional and your response times to my problems is outstanding. Thank you very much for all the support, I look forward to another successful year.”

Tutor I. Dellit QLD

“I have had a great experience working with TFE and have no complaints at all. It was a pleasure!”

Tutor R. Lyon QLD