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School holiday tuition is becoming increasingly popular, due to the positive impact it can have on a student’s grades and attitude towards school and learning.  School holiday tuition helps student’s get a head start on the curriculum, improves confidence and helps tackle learning gaps.

  1. Get prepared and get ahead

School holiday tuition allows students to get prepared and organised for the new school year. Home tutoring creates a positive learning environment, where lessons are tailored and customized to each students learning needs.  Tutors can work through extended work and tackle concepts that may be difficult later down the track. This allows students to get a head start and feel more confident about the course work.

  1. Improves confidence

Having a tutor to bounce ideas back and forth is proven to increase confidence. The one-on-one environment helps create stronger relationships where student’s feel comfortable to ask questions. There is less pressure from other class mates and peers, which makes the learning environment more focused and attentive on the student’s needs and learning style.

  1. Stay motivated an continue the momentum

School holiday tuition helps keep students in check with their learning and catch up on any missed school work. It allows students to stay motivated and focused. It helps with time management and structure, while helping students remain sharp and focused on school.

  1. Maintains good study habits

Maintaining good study habits is incredibly important, especially for student’s who are transitioning from high school to senior school. A home tutor will reinforce structure and help create a study schedule tailored to the student’s needs.

  1. Tackle learning gaps

One of the most beneficial aspects of school holiday tuition is that it allows students to revise and reflect on what they learnt in the school year. Private tutors can help bridge the gaps in any areas your child is having troubles with.

To get a head start on the school year with school holiday tuition, find a tutor in your local area at At Tutoring For Excellence we pride ourselves on a selection process which follows 20 years of experience providing high quality one-on-one tutoring.