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What’s the dullest element on the periodic table? Bohrium!

Chemistry doesn’t have to be boring. With a qualified private Chemistry tutor, your children can easily ace their next exam or let us help them through the whole unit. Chemistry tutors are experienced in HSC, VCE, QCE, SACE and some university chemistry subjects. No matter your level, Chemistry tutors are here to support and encourage students to reach their full potential.

Why a Chemistry Tutor is Essential

Chemistry is a complex subject that can present challenges for students. A Chemistry tutor bridges the gap between confusion and understanding, providing the necessary personalised guidance and support your child needs to grasp learning concepts better. With their expertise, our Chemistry tutors can help simplify complex concepts, explain challenging theories and guide students through problem-solving techniques. They can also provide additional resources and practice materials to enhance their learning.

Years of experience tutoring students in Brisbane, Canberra & more

If you’re searching Google for “Chemistry tutoring near me,” look no further. Tutoring for Excellence has connected students nationwide with a Chemistry tutor to help them through their areas for improvement. Our Chemistry tutors work with students on personalised programs designed to complement their current curriculum to increase their recognition and understanding of the subject matter. Since 1996, we’ve been the preferred at-home tutoring service for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and more.

Our Chemistry tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates (with relevant degrees) or university students studying relevant disciplines — so you can rest assured they have the subject matter expertise necessary to help your child on their learning journey. They are assessed on their academic background, skill level and experience and undergo a three-stage review process to ensure they’re suitable candidates for the job. After all, having the academic experience is one thing. We ensure our Chemistry tutors are highly motivated and reliable to give every student their undivided attention and help them address their areas of concern.

Did you know?
Chemistry is still in the top ten as one of the most popular Year 12 subjects!

What we offer –

  • One-on-one private chemistry tuition
  • In your own home, online or at an agreed location with the tutor
  • All levels and abilities
  • All Chemistry tutors are personally screened (face-to-face)
  • All Chemistry tutors are screened nationally for child protection
  • Established in 1996, our history is an excellent indicator of our successful approach to tuition

Tutors are recommended on their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability.

Our highly skilled tutors are available for a range of other subjects including Biology, English, Maths, Physics, and the HSC.

Book a Chemistry tutor from Tutoring for Excellence today

From Melbourne to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide, our private Chemistry tutors are available in every major city in Australia. Our patient and empathetic Chemistry tutors understand students’ difficulties and can provide support and encouragement throughout their learning journey. Whether your child would prefer Chemistry tutoring from the comfort of your own home or an agreed-upon location by their tutor, Tutoring for Excellence is here to help.

Find a Chemistry tutor in Sydney or based elsewhere in Australia with our online enquiry form today.

Featured Testimonial

“Anthony was terrific for Grace this year. He was always reliable, helpful and patient. Your service has always provided excellent tutors for both our children, so thank you!” Mrs. Weir, VIC

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How can a Chemistry tutor help me?

A Chemistry tutor can provide personalised guidance and support to improve your understanding of chemistry concepts. They can clarify doubts, reinforce key ideas and help you develop problem-solving skills. A tutor can also assist with laboratory techniques and exam preparation and offer individualised attention to enhance your overall performance in chemistry.

What qualifications do the Chemistry tutors have?

Our Chemistry tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates (with relevant degrees) or university students studying related disciplines.