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Tutors specialise in one-on-one home tuition throughout the Sydney region.

Every student’s learning journey is unique, and some students benefit from extra attention outside of school hours. Whether your child has been struggling to grasp the subject material or you’re fretting about how to support your teen through their final year and the HSC, Tutoring for Excellence have private tutoring services for every student need.

Where do we operate in Sydney?

Sydney tutors work in the metro area and are available for in home private tutoring. Students receive individual attention in the comfort of their home and parents don’t need to travel for hours to and from learning centres.

Tutoring for Excellence have a long history of providing excellent tutoring services throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and beyond.

What Qualifications Do Tutors Have?

Tutors are recommended not only on their academic background and tutoring experience but also their personality, manner, motivation and enthusiasm for the role. All tutors are qualified teachers, graduates, or university students. We have more than 20 years’ experience recommending tutors and know what characteristics get the best results.

Do You Only Offer Maths, English & Science?

Sydney tutors offer tuition in a variety of disciplines, and although the majority of students are looking for help with their Maths and English, tutors are also able to provide private tutoring for Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Psychology, Physics, Modern History and a huge range of other subjects.

Tutoring Sydney

A sample of tutoring Sydney tutors:

PATRICIA (Tutoring in Maths, English, Primary Education & Selective School Testing)

Location: Sydney

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a Higher Education Diploma

Subjects: Patricia can assist with all primary KLAs, including Selective School Test Preparation.

Fast Facts: Patricia is a qualified and experienced tutor having completed over 600 tuition hours. She is mature, considered and patient, and very committed to helping her students succeed. Practicing as a teacher for over 20 years has enabled Patricia to assist a variety of students at all different learning levels, thus she would be a brilliant tutor for any individual.

Recent Feedback: “I definitely feel more confident after having Patty tutor me every week for over three years! She was kind and friendly” Kaylan from Hurstville, NSW

ERIN (Tutoring in Maths, English, History & Study Skills)

Location: Sydney

Education: Completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) and a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics)

Subjects: Erin can tutor students in Year 1-Year 12 for Mathematics and English (Including: English Extension 1 & 2, Essay Writing and Adult Education), Selective Schools Testing, Science Year 7-10 and Modern History.

Fast Facts: Erin is an English specialist and has assisted several students in a range of subject for English, Maths and Humanities subjects. She is an extremely intelligent, articulate and passionate tutor.

Recent Feedback: “There are not enough words of praise for Erin. She is the most remarkable teacher and tutor. She is reliable, effective, efficient and just a wonderful motivator and guide” Mrs. Farrow from Randwick, NSW

DINA (Tutoring in Maths, Business Studies & Economics)

Location: Sydney

Education: Completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics

Subjects: Dina can tutor in Maths Primary, Maths Year 7-12, Business Studies, Economics and Exam Preparation.

Fast Facts: Dina is a well-versed Economics, Maths and Business Studies tutor. She is positive, hardworking, approachable, patient and has an easy-going manner.

Recent Feedback: “Dina is an absolutely awesome tutor and she continually inspired my daughter to do the best she could. She is a grounded and articulate young woman. Thank you for finding her for us… she is a real gem.” Mrs. Constable, Croydon, NSW

JOANNA (Tutoring in Religion, Business Studies & Economics)

Location: Sydney

Education: Completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts

Subjects: Joanna is a subject specialist in Religion, Business Studies and Economics.

Fast Facts: Joanna is a positive, passionate, and highly motivated tutor. Her positive feedback from clients has indicated she would be a great fit for anyone, particular those preparing for their HSC.

Recent Feedback: “I want to take the opportunity to formally thank Joanna! She was a wonderful tutor for my son.” – Mr. Maioranam, Padstow, NSW

ALAN (Tutoring in Maths, English, Selective School Testing & Primary KLAs)

Location: Sydney

Education: Bachelor of Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Philosophy) and a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)

Subjects: Alan is an all-round specialist assisting in: Maths Primary, Maths Years 7-12, English Primary, English Years 7-12 (Including: English Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 & 2) and Selective School Testing.

Fast Facts: Alan is an experienced fully qualified teacher; assisting Tutoring for Excellence since 2011, Alan has completed over 1280 hours of tuition. He is an English and Maths specialist, working with student of all ages and from a variety of educational backgrounds.

Recent Feedback: “Alan is a wonderful tutor, we highly recommend him” Mrs. Kassis from Villawood, NSW

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