Tutoring Sydney

Private tutors for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry & More!

Tutoring Sydney: Our tutors specialise in one-on-one home tuition throughout the Sydney region.


Tutoring Sydney: where do we operate?

Our tutoring Sydney staff work in the metro area and are available for in home private tutoring. Students receive individual attention in the comfort of their home and parents don’t need to travel for hours to and from learning centres.

What Qualifications Do Your Tutors Have?

Tutors are selected not only on their academic background and tutoring experience but also their personality, manner, motivation and enthusiasm for the role. All of our tutors are qualified teachers, graduates, or university students. We have more than 15 years’ experience selecting tutors and know what characteristics get the best results.

Do You Only Offer Maths, English & Science?

Our tutoring Sydney staff offer training in a variety of disciplines, and although the majority of students are looking for help with their Maths and English, our tutors are also able to provide tutoring for Biology, Economics, Psychology, Modern History and a huge range of other subjects. You can find out more about our tutoring here.

Tutoring Sydney

A sample of our tutoring Sydney staff:


Location: Sydney

Education: Bachelor of Education (Secondary Science)

Subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science

Fast Facts: Bill is an excellent tutor with a passion for Science who has worked with TFE for over a year. He is a current HSC marker and Head Teacher at a Selective High School. He is enthusiastic, positive, approachable and very patient. While Bill specialises tuition with senior high school students, he has worked extensively with junior Maths students.

Recent Feedback: Bill is an excellent tutor with an exceptional track record with his students. Being a HSC marker Bill is able to inject exceptional insight into his lessons.


Location: Sydney

Education: Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science and Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics

Subjects: Maths Advanced, English, Biology and Chemistry

Fast Facts: Completed nearly 500 hours tutoring with TFE students. Diana is an intelligent, confident and well-presented tutor. She has worked with TFE for over three years and has worked with a wide spread of students from primary school through to high school in a range of subjects.

Recent Feedback: “Diana has been of great help to my daughter, even the teacher has noticed a change in her attitude!” Mrs. Humpphreys – Peakhurst, NSW


Location: Sydney

Education: Bachelor of Commerce/Economics

Subjects: Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, English, Modern History and Economics

Fast Facts: Nearly 400 hours of tutoring with TFE students over the last year. He has worked with students at all levels of high school in a wide range of subjects. Andrew has demonstrated his ability to develop an exceptional rapport with his students and this is demonstrated by his excellent retention with students. He is a very bright young man, achieving an ATAR of 98 when he completed his own studies. Andrew is very friendly, organised and genuine.

Recent Feedback: “Andrew is an excellent tutor, my daughter just loves tuition with him!” Mrs. Macbeth, Earlwood, NSW


Location: Sydney

Education: Higher Education Diploma, Bachelor of Arts (Music)(Hons)

Subjects: All primary KLA’s, including Selective School Test Preparation.

Fast Facts:Nearly 200 hours of tuition with TFE over the last year. Patricia is a fully qualified and experienced teacher. She has assisted students of all ages and abilities and currently works with students from Year 4 – 8 in a range of subjects. Patricia is mature, considered and patient and has consistently good retention with her clients.

Recent Feedback: Patricia is an excellent tutor, she is firm and decisive while being warm and engaging – a perfect combination for younger students!


Location: Sydney

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies, Government and International Relations)

Subjects: English, Ancient History, Modern History, Legal Studies

Fast Facts:Nearly 300 hours of tuition with TFE since 2014. Michael is a very intelligent young man and a very experienced tutor who has worked with students at all levels of high school. Michael is articulate and thoughtful and while being an English specialist, is more than capable of assisting History and Legal Studies students. Michael has assisted a number of students in the lead up to their HSC exams over the last 2 years and has a number of handy tips and tricks to assist his students to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Recent Feedback: “My daughter has been extremely happy with Michael! We have seen her progress a great deal with his help!” – Mrs. Lopez, Forestville, NSW


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