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Melbourne is a huge city with many companies and private advertisers attempting to sell you their tutoring services. But how do you find the right tutor for your child? At Tutoring for Excellence, we have created this little tutor finder Melbourne guide on how to see the what a good quality tutor would look like.


You need a tutor that can provide flexibility, at Tutoring for Excellence you can arrange for your tutoring lesson to be at a time that suits your schedule. Plus, we provide private one-on-one tutoring for our students either within the comfort of their own home or at an agreed location.


Ensuring that the tutor you will be going with is safe, is an obvious thing to look for when selecting a tutor. You want to make sure that your chosen tutor has been checked for child safety before considering them for their services. At Tutoring for Excellence, we ensure that all of our tutors are thoroughly interviewed and have a working with children background check before we hire them, so you can feel assured that your child will be safe during their lessons.


Another thing that we recommend highly in our tutor finder Melbourne guide, is to ensure that you are choosing a tutor that is qualified in the specific subjects that they are teaching. We only hire qualified teachers, university graduates or university students studying subjects that are related to the ones that they are teaching. At Tutoring for Excellence, we have almost 20 years of experience in the tutoring services field so we know exactly how to choose an excellent tutor.

Friendly and Motivational

There is nothing worse than a mean, unfriendly teacher or tutor, so at Tutoring, for Excellence, we interview each of our tutors to make sure they match the company’s culture of friendliness and reliability. We want all of our students to feel happy, comfortable and motivated whilst learning as let’s just face it, sometimes learning can be stressful by itself without a grumpy teacher to make it worse.

Tailored Lessons

Every student has different learning paces and goals, so it is important to look for a tutor that is willing to tailor their lessons and create a learning plan suited to their students. This will mean that you will be getting the most out of your tutoring lessons and be able to ensure that your child will be able to meet their learning goals and can get the marks that they are aiming for.

We hope that you have found our tutor finder Melbourne guide helpful, see our Melbourne Tutors page for more details on how you can get high-quality tutoring today or contact us if you have any tutoring related questions.