Tutors in Wollongong

Private tutors for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry & More!

Tutors specialise in one-on-one home tuition throughout the Wollongong region.


Where Do You Provide Tutoring in Wollongong?

Tutors service most Wollongong suburbs from Stanwell Park in the north to Shell Cove in the South. Tutoring normally takes place in the home, or alternatively you can meet at a local library.

Who Will Be Tutoring My Child?

We have a range of tutors registered with us to fit most people’s needs and budget. Private tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates with relevant degrees or university students undertaking study in related disciplines.

What Subjects Do You Offer?

Tutors are able to assist with all subjects and levels including Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more. To find out more, please call us on: 02 8004 0772

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A sample of the type of tutors available in the Wollongong region:


Location: Wollongong

Education: Diploma of Teaching

Subjects: Maths

Fast Facts: Terry is a fully qualified and experienced tutor. He is reliable, organised and more than equipped to assist a range of students. Terry has worked with students from K – 12 and while being a Maths specialist, has worked with a variety students including Science, English and Adult Education.

Recent Feedback: “Terry has been a great tutor for my son!” – Mrs. Fulton, Keiraville, NSW

“Terry is an excellent tutor, great value!!” – Mr. and Mrs. Glen – Albion Park, NSW


Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science and Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics

Subjects: Maths, English, Biology and Chemistry

Fast Facts: Diana is an intelligent, confident and well-presented tutor. She has worked with a wide spread of students from primary school through to high school in a range of subjects.

Recent Feedback: “Diana has been of great help to my daughter, even the teacher has noticed a change in her attitude!” Mrs. Humpphreys – Peakhurst, NSW


Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Science

Fast Facts: Adam is a very intelligent young man and a Maths and Science specialist. He is approachable, patient and friendly tutor who is comfortable and capable of tutoring students from a primary school level right up to adults. Adam is a critical thinker and able to develop a great rapport with his students, enabling them to achieve to the best of their abilities. Adam assisted Year 12 HSC students in Maths Extension and Physics in the lead up to their final exams in 2015, giving his students the skills and confidence to excel.

Recent Feedback: “Adam was a great tutor! He was excellent at explain things.” – Mr. Sharpe, Figtree NSW


Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood

Subjects: All Primary KLA’s, including Selective School Testing

Fast Facts: Angela is a fully qualified and very experienced teacher. She is articulate, organised and mature and has experience with NAPLAN planning, diagnostic testing and selective school test preparation. Angela has worked with students at all levels of primary school in a range of subjects.

Recent Feedback: “Angela is wonderful! She has assisted my boys in Kindy and Year 1 immensely. They have both jumped to above average for their home reading levels! – Ms. Hawkins, Thirroul, NSW


Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Creative Arts and Bachelor of Journalism

Subjects: Maths and English

Fast Facts: While her degree suggests she works mainly with English students, Claire is a Maths specialist too taking Maths subjects at University for enjoyment. She is an experienced tutor having worked with a range of primary and high school students in both areas. Claire is an enthusiastic, articulate, thoughtful and well-rounded tutor.

Recent Feedback: “My Year 5 and Year 7 children have both worked with Claire for Maths and English and she is exceptional! She is an enthusiastic and engaging tutor.” – Ms. Thompson, Thirroul, NSW


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