Tutors in Wollongong

Private tutors for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry & More!

Tutors specialise in one-on-one home tuition throughout the Wollongong region.


Where Do You Provide Tutoring in Wollongong?

Tutors service most Wollongong suburbs from Stanwell Park in the north to Shell Cove in the South. Tutoring normally takes place in the home, or alternatively you can meet at a local library.

Who Will Be Tutoring My Child?

We have a range of tutors registered with us to fit most people’s needs and budget. Private tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates with relevant degrees or university students undertaking study in related disciplines.

What Subjects Do You Offer?

Tutors are able to assist with all subjects and levels including Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more. To find out more, please call us on: 02 8004 0772

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A sample of the type of tutors available in the Wollongong region:

KASY (Tutoring in Primary Education, Maths, Physics, Business Studies & Economics)

Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Management) and completing a Masters of Teaching (Primary)

Subjects: Kasy can assist with Maths Primary, Maths Year 7-12 (Including: Maths General, Advanced, Extension 1 & 2), all Primary KLAs, Business Studies, Economics and Exam Preparation.

Fast Facts: Kasy is a qualified professional and trainee teacher. We find her to be mature, genuine, approachable and patient.

Recent Feedback: “We are moving schools next year which is such a shame because Kasy has been excellent with the girls!” Mr. Still from Bulli, NSW

JOANNE (Tutoring in Maths, Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Science)

Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelors of Science (Biological Science) and a Graduate Diploma in Education

Subjects: Joanne can assist with Maths for Primary and Year 7-9, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science.

Fast Facts: Joanne has been assisting students both inside and outside of the classroom since 2009. With Tutoring for Excellence, she has completed over 230 hours of tuition, covering a wide range of subjects and levels.

Recent Feedback: Joanne has great retention with her clients. We’ve had feedback that she is articulate, warm, genuine and praised for her positive improvements in students.

TARIK (Tutoring in Maths & Physics)

Location: Wollongong

Education: Completing a Bachelor of Mathematics Education (Dean’s Scholar)

Subjects:  Tarik can assist with Maths for both Primary and Secondary levels. He specialises in Maths General, Advanced Maths, Maths Extension 1 & 2 and Physics.

Fast Facts: Tarik is an experienced tutor, having completed over 130 private lessons. He is intelligent (ATAR 93.7), a great communicator, friendly and easy going.

Recent Feedback: “Tarik has been wonderful. His knowledge goes far beyond the school curriculum. He is enthusiastic about teaching and has been a great help. My kids look forward to their lessons each week” Sara from Thirroul, NSW

BROOKE (Tutoring in English, History, Religion & Social Studies)

Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and History)

Subjects: Brooke can assist with English for both Primary and Secondary levels. She specialises in English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English ESL, Ancient History, Modern History, Religion, Study Skills and Social Studies.

Fast Facts: Brooke has completed over 300 hours’ worth of tuition and has great retention with her clients. Brooke is a very well-rounded tutor, and is up to date with the changing curriculum.

Recent Feedback: “Brooke is a passionate, hard working and organised educator” Chris from Thirroul, NSW

STEPHEN (Tutoring in English, History, Study Skills & Japanese)

Location: Wollongong

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Diploma of Education with a Masters of Arts (Honours)

Subjects: Stephen is an English and Humanities specialist, assisting with Primary and Secondary English. He specialises in English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1 & 2, Modern History, English ESL and Japanese.

Fast Facts: Stephen has  vast experience assisting in both the classroom and in a one-on-one environment. He has conducted over 162 private home lessons with TFE managed students.

Recent Feedback: “Stephen was great. My daughter was very pleased with everything” Mrs. Noakes from Port Kembla

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