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Tutors specialise in one-on-one home tuition throughout the Melbourne region.


Where Can I Find Tutors in Melbourne?

Tutors provide private one-on-one home tuition through the Melbourne metro region. Forget the stress of taking your children to local tutoring centres, let a tutor come to you!

Who Will Be Teaching My Child?

We have a large range of tutors registered with us to fit most people’s needs. Tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates with relevant degrees or university students undertaking study in related disciplines. We recognise that not only do tutors need to be content experts but they need to be personable, professional and reliable. With over 20 years’ experience, we know what makes a good tutor.

What Subject Are Tutors Able to Teach?

Private home tutors are able to assist with most subjects and levels. Whether it is extension work or remedial assistance, our tutors will tailor the lessons to meet each student’s needs and expectations.


A sample of the type of tutors available in the Melbourne region:

VICTOR (Tutoring in English, History & Geography)

Location: Melbourne

Education: Bachelor of Arts (History and Politics) and a Bachelor of Journalism

Subjects: English, History and Geography

Fast Facts: Victor has completed over 160 hours of tuition, with a wide variety of students ranging from Year 2-Year 12. He is an English subject specialist but is also very well versed in the History curriculum. Victor is a patient, thoughtful and passionate tutor, who would be a great fit for any student.

Recent Feedback: “Victor was very good – he was adaptable to times, provided extra time over the past month to give my son as much help and guidance as he could.  He turned up on time and his calm understated approach suited my son very well.” Mrs. Smith from Glen Iris, VIC

SURAJ (Tutoring Engineering, Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Business Studies)

Location: Melbourne

Education: Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration

Subjects: Maths Year 7-10, Maths Further & Methods, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies and Geography

Fast Facts: Suraj has completed 200 hours’ worth of one-on-one home tutoring session with students from Years 7 to Year 12, and at a University level. He has not only been able to assist with the subject material but also exam preparation and study skills; particularly for VCE students and those in Cambridge system as well. He is experienced, intelligent and considered a Math and Science specialist.

Recent Feedback:  “Suraj has been an excellent tutor and we are very happy with the work he has done.” Mrs. Meallin from Docklands VIC

“Suraj has been brilliant, he has never changed arrangements with my daughter at short notice and has been of an enormous value in building her confidence to go into her exam.” Mrs. McKeand from Hawthorn, VIC

DAVID (Tutoring in English, History, Geography, Social Studies & Drama)

Location: Melbourne

Education: Bachelor of Arts (History, Drama, Political Studies), Graduate Diploma in Media Journalism and a Bachelor of Education

Subjects: English, History, Social Studies, Exam preparation and Study Skills.

Fast Facts: David is one of Tutoring for Excellence’s most experienced tutor’s having completed over 700 hours of tuition. Being a fully qualified teacher David has assisted student from a Years 6 – Year 12, both in the classroom and one-on-one, for English and Humanities. Based on his experience he has extremely strong content knowledge and can apply his expertise with an adaptable and compassionate approach.

Recent Feedback: “The first lesson with David was fantastic. Both student and tutor worked for a solid 2 hours and has never seen the student so engaged in his life. David was so dedicated and came well prepared and willing to engage in the students learning.” Mrs. Zeigler from Toorak, VIC

KATE (Tutoring in English, History, Social Sciences, Legal Studies & Environmental Science)

Location: Melbourne

Education: Bachelor of Arts (International and Domestic Politics)

Subjects: English Primary & Years 7-12, English ESL, History, Environmental Science, Social Studies and Psychology

Fast Facts: Kate is an English specialist and can tutor at all levels. She is also well versed in a range of other humanities subjects, including History and Psychology. She is extremely intelligent and a great people person.

Recent Feedback: “She was amazing, I would highly recommend your service and her to anyone!” Mrs. Fraser from Brunswick East, VIC

OLGA (Tutoring in Maths, Science & Study Skills)

Location: Melbourne

Education: Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) with a Masters of Science and Masters of Teaching

Subjects: Maths Primary and Maths Years 7-10, Science Years 7-10

Fast Facts: Olga has extensive experience working with a range of students from Kindergarten up to Year 12. She is a fully qualified teacher and has completed over 450 hours of tuition assistance with Tutoring for Excellence. Olga is a very friendly, driven and enthusiastic tutor.

Recent Feedback: “Olga is punctual and very reliable and a delightful young woman.  It has been a pleasure having her assist our daughter and we thank you very much for providing us a tutor of such a high quality.” Mrs. Young from Elwood, VIC

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