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Private tutors for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry & More!

Tutors specialise in one-on-one home tuition throughout the Canberra region.

Where Is Your Canberra Tutoring Centre?

We do not offer centre based tuition; rather tutoring is conducted in the comfort of your own home and is one-on-one.  Tutors service the Canberra metro area. By having a tutor come to the home, it eliminates wasted time travelling to and from learning centres.

What Makes Tutoring For Excellence Different?

We have more than 15 years’ experience recommending tutors and service most major cities in Australia. All tutors are exceptionally well qualified, both in terms of academic criteria and their ability to communicate with students and parents in a professional manner. Students see great results, whether it is higher grades or greater confidence in their own ability.

How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

Tutors offer a wide range of subjects. Please contact us to discuss exact pricing, as it does vary depending on the tutor’s qualifications and experience. To find out more, please call us on: 02 6223 2246.


A sample of the type of tutors available in the Canberra region:


Location: Canberra

Education: Bachelor of Information Technology, Masters of Information Technology

Subjects: Maths years 7–10, Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths and Computer Skills

Fast Facts:Tutored over 500 hours. Jason is an incredibly experienced tutor having worked with a range of students from year 7 – 12. He has a passion for Mathematics that is evident in his lessons. Jason is a considered, patient and friendly tutor who has also consistently demonstrated his capacity to build a great rapport with students.

Recent Feedback: “Jason has been a wonderful support for both my children, we would be more than happy to recommend Jason to anyone!” – Mrs. Jones, Bonython, ACT

“We have thoroughly enjoyed and valued Jason as a Maths tutor and would recommend him to anyone who requires his services.” – Mrs. Thompson – Kennedy, Monash, ACT


Location: Canberra

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Politics)

Subjects: Maths primary to year 10, Maths Applications, English, Economics and Business Studies

Fast Facts: Over 3 years and 400 hours experience. John is a very intelligent man, having achieved excellent results in his own studies. He appeals to a wide range of students and is a very versatile tutor, working with students from a primary school level right through high school, university and adult education. John is an easy going, reliable and articulate tutor.

Recent Feedback: “We were very happy with John and found his tutoring was very helpful for my son.” Mrs. Lee, Bonner, ACT

“Lessons with John were great! He is fantastic and everything we were looking for in a tutor, we would recommend him to anyone” Mr. Stellar, Carlton, ACT


Location: Canberra

Education: Bachelor of Science (Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Subjects: Maths General, Maths Applications, Maths Methods and Science

Fast Facts: Over 250 hours of tuition. Candice is a very experienced tutor and a subject specialist, working almost exclusively with Maths students. She tutors students at all levels and abilities from primary to Year 12. Candice is thoughtful, organised, calm and a good communicator enabling her to mould her teaching style to suit the individual student.

Recent Feedback:Candice has worked with a number of her students for over a year now, with no sign of slowing down. The rapport she builds with students ensures that they enjoy her lessons and as such, are able to achieve and exceed their own goals and expectations.


Location: Canberra

Education: Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Hons), Masters of Nuclear Science

Subjects: Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths and Physics

Fast Facts: Tutored over 320 hours. Joseph is a very intelligent young man with the capacity to pass this knowledge onto his students. Joseph works with a range of high school Maths students with varying capabilities, and has seen a number of students through their Year 12 studies. Joseph is very mature, positive and reliable as well as being a critical thinker.

Recent Feedback: “Joseph is fantastic tutor! He was the perfect fit for my son and made a huge difference. Joseph was very knowledgeable and very thorough” Mr. Brown, Red Hill, ACT>


Location: Canberra

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Drama), Graduate Diploma in Senior Secondary Education (English)

Subjects: English, Ancient History, Modern History, Drama and Social Studies

Fast Facts: Tutored over 520 hours. Chelsea has worked with a range of students from Year 1 right through to adults, focusing on English and History. Chelsea is a real people person and is able to engage students of all ages and abilities. She is articulate, friendly and enthusiastic with great communication skills.

Recent Feedback: “Chelsea was fantastic, my daughter just adored her!” Mrs. Milin, Deakin, ACT

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