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Private tutoring Brisbane for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry & More!

  Tutors specialise in one-on-one home tutoring Brisbane.


Where Do You Provide Tutoring Brisbane Services?

Tutors provide one-on-one private home tutoring Brisbane, which means they come to you! We have a wide range of tutors registered with us to fit most people’s needs and we service the Brisbane metro area.

What Qualifications Do Your Tutors Have?

All tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates or university students in relevant disciplines. We recommend tutors based on their level of expertise and ability to communicate well with students. All tutors are friendly, professional and approachable.

What kind of Learning Support Do You Offer?

Tutoring Brisbane service can help with both remedial and advanced learning in a huge range of subjects. They specialize in Maths and English but can also help with Biology, Business Studies, Drama, Economics and much more. Find out more on our Subjects Page.

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A sample of the type of tutors available in the Brisbane region:


Location: Brisbane

Education: Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Teaching

Subjects: English, Modern History, Ancient History and Legal Studies

Fast Facts: Tutored over 380 hours. Russell is a qualified and experienced teacher but also fully qualified lawyer. He specialises in English but also covers the History and of course Legal Studies curriculum. He is patient, intelligent and also very considered in his tutoring and achieves great results with his students.

Recent Feedback: “We have been very happy with the excellent tutoring we have received from Russell. He has certainly been of great assistance to our daughter in English and we have seen a definite improvement in her marks in this subject.” Mrs O’Connor, Hawthorne, QLD


Location: Brisbane
Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical and Materials)

Subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering

Fast Facts: Completed over 490 hours of tutoring. Lee is articulate, confident and intelligent young man and is an incredibly experienced tutor.

Recent Feedback: “Lee was very helpful! My son didn’t originally want a tutor but he was very happy with Lee and thought he was great”. Mr Levonis – Hendra, QLD

“Lee was fantastic- a real gentleman. With his assistance, my daughter has improved out of sight!” Mrs. Taylor, Bracken Ridge, QLD


Location: Brisbane

Education: Bachelor of Science, Masters of Mathematical Science

Subjects: Maths, Science and ESL

Fast Facts: Tutored over 140 hours. David is qualified professional and a very experienced tutor. David has tutored senior Maths students since 2010 and spent 5 years working as an ESL teacher in Korea. He is genuine, sincere, patient and calm. David is also very hardworking and has assisted students at all levels of high school and beyond.

Recent Feedback: David is a quiet achiever and his retention with students is exceptional. He is very dependable and is able to build an excellent rapport with students to ensure they get the most out of his lessons.


Location: Brisbane

Education: Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Education

Subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science

Fast Facts: Tutored over 400 hours. John is a retired teacher and a very experienced tutor, having worked extensively with a range of students for Year 6 through to Year 12. John mainly works with Maths and Science students and has achieved excellent results across the board. He is genuine, organised and reliable.

Recent Feedback: “John was brilliant! He helped my daughter so much and she was very pleased with how her exam went. He boosted her confidence so much!” Mrs. Pullous, The Gap, QLD

“John was fantastic, my son found his lessons incredibly helpful.” Mrs. McDonald, Alderley, QLD


Location: Brisbane

Education: Bachelor of Engineering

Subjects: Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Economics

Fast Facts: Worked with TFE since 2014, having completed over 300 hours of tuition. Gillian is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering and is a very experienced tutor. She spent a gap year tutoring in the UK and continued this passion when she returned to home to QLD. Gillian has worked with a range of students from primary to high school and covers a range of subjects. She is a great communicator as well as a friendly, positive, confident people person.

Recent Feedback: Gillian is an exceptional young woman having worked closely with a number of families. Once she commences lessons, students warm to her very quickly and she is able to establish a lasting relationship that encourages her students to work to the best of their abilities.


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