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We’ve all heard variations of the phrase young minds are like a sponge; they absorb new information much faster and easier than their adult counterparts. But at times blockages such as stress, learning difficulties, or misunderstanding information can keep even the brightest young minds from excelling in their education. Private tutoring is a fantastic way to support your child to be their best and provide the personal attention they need to excel in their studies. Whether they’re at the beginning of their school years or in their final lap for the SACE, HSC or VCE, our tutors can assist them on their learning journey.

Contrary to what many parents believe, tutoring isn’t just for students who are struggling with a particular subject. It can also be a great way to solidify current learning and expand into more advanced topics for students who are excelling in a particular area. With private tutoring sessions available for some of the most popular school subjects – from Biology to Chemistry, Physics, English and Maths – we’ve helped students at every level of education and in every discipline.

Why Engage Home Tutoring in Adelaide?

Private home tutoring creates a stress free, one-on-one environment, free from interruptions and unwanted noise. It improves student self esteem and creates more confidence, allowing students to think more creatively.

Where Do You Provide Tutoring Services in Adelaide?

Private home tutors service the Adelaide metro region and are available to tutor year-round, 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

Tutoring for Excellence have established their reputable tutoring services in all major cities of Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra

How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

Tutors offer a wide range of subjects. Prices start from $55 p/h. Please contact us to discuss exact pricing, as it does vary depending on the tutor’s qualifications and experience. To find out more, please call us on: 08 7221 2301

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Why Trust Tutoring For Excellence?

With over 20 years’ experience matching tutors with students, we know what makes an excellent tutor! Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials from past clients and tutors.

A sample of the type of tutors available in the Adelaide region:

ALEXANDER (Tutoring in Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Biology)

Location: Adelaide

Education: Completing a Bachelor of Dentistry

Subjects:  Alexander is a Maths and Science specialist, his subjects range from Maths Methods, Maths Applications, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Biology to Physics.

Fast Facts: Alexander has over 250 hours’ worth of tuition experience. Alexander can assist with Maths at a Year 10 level all the way through to a University level. Additionally, he can tutor in Science from Year 7-10 along with senior subjects including Biology, Physics and Chemistry. He is a very intelligent and well-rounded tutor who has a passion for education.

Recent Feedback: “Alexander is very approachable and an excellent tutor” Ms Lu. Campbelltown, SA.

RACHAEL (Tutoring in Biology, Physics, Chemistry & Maths)

Location: Adelaide

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)

Subjects: Rachael tutors primary and high school Maths and Science. Her senior subjects include; Maths Methods, Maths Applications, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Fast Facts: Rachael is a highly intelligent tutor and specializes in Maths and Science. She has completed over 300 hours of tuition with students ranging from Year 1 through to Year 12.

Recent Feedback: “Rachael’s been great and has gone above and beyond our expectations. She not only brings extra work but is very sensitive to my son’s needs.” Mrs. Sutherland, Panorama, SA

GLEN (Tutoring in Maths, English, Geography, Chemistry & Physics)

Location: Adelaide

Education: Bachelor of Computing Science & Geology with a Masters in Geographic Information Systems

Subjects: Glen can assist with Maths from Years 7-10, along with Maths Applications and Maths Methods. He can also tutor students in English from Years 7-University level, including: English communications, English studies and English Literate. Geography, Chemistry and Physics are additional areas which Glen can facilitate with.

Fast Facts: Glen is a highly experienced tutor and an excellent communicator. He has assisted Tutoring for Excellence since 2016, completing over 200 hours of tuition with TFE managed students. Glen is an all-round specialist, who can assist with Maths, English and Humanities, along with Exam Preparation and Study Skills.

Recent Feedback: “He has been an excellent tutor and I would recommend him to any parent looking for a Math or Science mentor.” Mrs. Young, Myrtle Bank, SA

MATEO (Tutoring in English, Maths, Chemistry & Physics)

Location: Adelaide

Education: Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor Construction Management and Economics

Subjects: Mateo is an all-round tutor. He can assist with English Studies, English Literature, Maths Applications, Maths Studies, Maths Methods along with Chemistry and Physics.

Fast Facts: Mateo is an experienced, friendly and approachable tutor, having conducted over 150 private home tutoring lessons.  He is an all rounded tutor with a passion for mentoring students at all different learning levels.

Recent Feedback: “Mateo is great! He has been a great male role model for my son.” Ms Knight. West Beach, SA.

LYRON (Tutoring in Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

Location: Adelaide

Education: Bachelor of Science (Statistics) with Honours and a Doctorate of Philosophy. Lyron is currently completing a Masters of Teaching

Subjects: Lyron is a Maths and Science specialist. He can assist with Maths from the primary-University level including: Maths Methods, Studies, Applications and Specialist. Lyron is also able to facilitate with Science for Years 7-10, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Fast Facts: Lyron is a Trainee Teacher and very experienced private tutor. He is an open, friendly and patient tutor who looks to build confidence in students, along with assisting them in their academic advancements.

Recent Feedback: “Lyron is a fantastic tutor, he is lovely!” Ms Kapetanos, West Croydon, SA.

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