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Seeking an English Tutor in Melbourne? As industry leaders in private tutoring with over 20 years experience, Tutoring for Excellence can help both you or your child with everything related to English language study.

Whether you’re after primary, high school, university level English tutor Melbourne, or are searching for specialized tutoring services, such as help studying for VCE exams or scholarship preparation, our highly qualified and experienced tutors have got you covered.

Our English tutor Melbourne team are results-driven and passionate about their work. Each tutor will work together with their student, individually, to create a tailor-made program that aligns with the academic and educational needs of the student. The syllabus and curriculum form the basis of each custom-made program, which can then be built upon with extension work as required. The tutors take into account the required exam preparation, and assistance and guidance with classroom assessments so that students are well prepared and confident with their English course throughout the year, getting them closer to achieving their academic goals.

Your teenager may, understandably, be feeling overwhelmed in the senior years of high school, especially with VCE exam preparation. Our English tutor Melbourne team offer one-on-one private tutoring from the comfort of your own home, giving undivided attention to the student and helping to not only develop cognition but also boost confidence in and out of the classroom. All levels of English are covered, from standard, to English literature and language, and even to English as a Second Language (ESL).

Adults can also benefit from hiring an English tutor Melbourne from Tutoring for Excellence. Since all English levels are covered, businesses and corporate organizations can boost staff productivity and performance with individually tailored programs for employees from non-English (ESL) speaking backgrounds, or staff members who require improved communication skills. Writing, reading, developing vocabulary and improving spelling are just a few of the proficiencies that can be focused on, and developed.

Contact us to find a premium English tutor Melbourne for your specific English language needs.