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In order for any business to succeed, it’s important to have a highly skilled team of employees in every department. Employers who take the time to invest in the education and skills of their staff set themselves up for a better chance of success, ensuring that their staff members are ahead of the curve with their training. This also helps employees feel more confident in the essential skills they require to complete their tasks and take initiative on new projects.

If you want to give your staff the best chance to showcase their talents, consider the benefits of corporate tutoring services. Tuition services can help improve staff productivity and performance through training and skills development. From on-site tailored coaching to in-home one-on-one tuition, tutors cover a broad skills set of specialist knowledge that can be adapted to suit individual workplace needs.

Some of the services our corporate tutors provide include:

  • Permanent and temporary re-location educational assistance
  • Workplace training or further study
  • Employee advancement
  • ESL, literacy and numeracy skills development
  • Pre-funded tuition support programs
  • All tutors are screened and personally interviewed (face-to-face)

To learn more about these services, please call our Tutoring for Excellence team today. Our corporate tutoring is available in locations across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, and South Australia – find out if our tutors are available today.

Speak to us about the benefits of corporate tutoring

Whether you have unique coaching requirements or are simply looking to benefit from cost-saving advantages of tailored on-site training, tutors are able to deliver education support programs that suit your business. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.