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Creating resources is a time-consuming, yet necessary part of teaching. A resource is a source of information that complements the topic of a lesson. They are an essential part of the learning and teaching process and are sometimes found, other times created and at the best of times supplied.

There are occasions when reinventing the wheel for a learning episode is just too much of an imposition. Luckily, there are people out there who have been creating quality content that will not only support learning, but will feed into the way children learn today – through multimedia avenues.

YouTube has become a way for people to learn, teach and discover. As such they have created hashtags in order for you to search for the content that interests you most. Using these along with the curation of the best vloggers and educational channels means that it is easier than ever to locate the resources you need.

Here are the main reasons YouTube videos are such a valuable resource.

A microcosm of experts

There are a lot of people vlogging out there who purport to be experts or professionals, but are simply wannabe informants. Alternatively, however, there are a wealth of individuals who have had the experience, training and education to advise on their area of expertise. They may be active in their respective fields, retired or in higher level of education for it. The bottom line is that their videos will readily convey their knowledge in a particular area and this comfort in a subject will translate into easy to understand explanations and examples.

Techno-savvy vloggers

Teachers and tutors don’t always have the time to create resources that are cutting-edge or are heavily seated in technology. YouTubers may actually have the added advantage of being able to create technology-based support that will dispel students’ ambiguity of the subject area. Some videos include clever cartoon videos to illustrate points, while others may use creative suite platforms to devise a new way of explaining and solving a problem. Whatever their trick, don’t discount their ability to disseminate information in a new and modern way.

New face, new meaning

To increase interest in a student, a new person can be a novelty allowing for tried information to be broadcasted in an original way. It may be a different voice, mannerisms, vocabulary or examples that allow for a fresh perspective, but it will ultimately increase their understanding.

Brand new medium

Tying in with the phenomenon of technology, which is so prevalent in adolescent life today, videos have a distinct advantage over the didactic teaching method. They may be just hosts standing in front of the lens spouting similar information to that of their classroom instructors, however presenting it in its technology-based medium switches on a light of interest for watchers that is ordinarily dimmed, or, in some cases, switched off altogether when it happens in real life.


The bottom line is that YouTube, even with its myriad of users, is a valuable resource. There is no doubt that videos will have to be selected using stringent criteria. Although, when you find a good poster, hashtag or channel – stick with it and use it to your and your student’s advantage.