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There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to follow your child’s interests and pursuits both online and with their new technology. It isn’t always easy to keep up with the latest trends and advances, as they happen on a daily basis. In reality new technology is a lifeline for kids and they rely on keeping up with what’s trending to fit in, feel a part of society and generally keep up with everybody else.

Understanding new technology doesn’t have to be an enigma, as there are many parents who feel similarly and are searching for ways to bridge the gap between what they know and what they think their children know. Several leading bloggers have instigated blogs that follow the currency of technology and online haunts, including social media. They are parents themselves and are therefore mindful of explaining things in a way that makes sense to other mums and dads.

Here are the most popular blogs to follow if you are a lost parent just trying to make heads and tails of what your children know and you don’t.


Tech Savvy Mama

If you want to know anything about technology be it kid-proof cars or cloud computing, this mother-cum-journalist-cum-technology expert has been around the block and knows her stuff when it comes to gadgets, social media and online safety. As a freelance writer she has been offering her ideas and explanations for these topics to publications both on and offline for years. Whether you are interested in finding gadget reviews or useful tips and tricks, this is a blog well worth your reading time.


Geek Dad

A passionate father who initially started the blog to keep a diary of the technology-based activities he was doing with his kids. Eventually, he shared these ideas with other fathers he knew and the blog grew from there. Spawning a million-plus visit website, spin-off blogs and several books, Geek Dad documents a range of ways to explore the ‘geeky’ side of life and your kid’s interests. There are plenty of ideas here to not only learn about technology, but to find ways to build on that knowledge with your children. What’s great about this blog is that information is presented by way of podcasts, videos or simple blog columns.


Media Tech Parenting

A lively and friendly blog that is a simple, no-fuss guide to the mainstream technology, internet and social media entities that envelop children of the 21st century. Its focus is on giving parents and teachers the facts to encourage their children to be tech-savvy and internet safe. There are useful resources, top lists, opinion pieces and reference guides all designed to bring to light the questions that so many parents ask their children and never get a straight answer.