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Holidays don’t always have to spell out boredom for the kids. Whether they are primary or junior aged, early high-school or senior school – there are activities on offer across the country to keep their minds active and their propensity for mischief in check.

Here is a list of some of the highlight activities on offer across the capital cities.



Kids in the Park at the Sydney Olympic Park boasts its 10-year anniversary in 2015. It delivers a comprehensive list of activities for children of all ages. The courses and events are split into several categories including:

  • Creative Kids
  • Sporting Kids
  • Adventurous Kids

There are different length programs available, so time constraints or other family commitments can work around the Kids in the Park schedule well.

The Centennial Parklands in the eastern suburbs of the city has a wealth of natural landscapes, events and activities on offer across the year, let alone all that they have available these coming Easter Holidays. With more than 20 choices, kids of all ages will have a wide selection to choose from to keep them occupied and entertained across the school break. Highlights include:

  • Lego Robotics
  • Bread Making Master Class
  • Exploring Science Day
  • Spotlight Prowl
  • The Great Big Story Book



Museum Victoria is focussing on the creepiest crawly of them all these Easter Holidays with their focus on spiders. Visitors can delight or cower in the presence of their spectacular display of arachnid examples. There are also several activities to complement the holiday spotlight on this often misunderstood creature. Activities available at the museum are:

  • Make a spider
  • Curiosity Lounge
  • Spin a Web
  • Live Spider Encounters


The Victorian Government has done an excellent job in collating all the activities on offer for children across the holiday period. There is a comprehensive list of events, courses and attractions available across the Melbourne and wider Victoria area for parents and kids to explore. Interesting activities, among others, on offer are:

  • Australian Tapestry Workshop
  • Comedy Club for Kids
  • Science in the Park
  • e2 Young Engineers Lego Challenge



A popular Family blog – Play and Go, based in South Australia has a wide selection of events on their holiday checklist. Parents and children will find the offerings appealing as they span inside and outside pursuits, as well as educational, creative and down-right interesting. Options include:

  • Opening events
  • Movie events
  • Conventions
  • Commemorative days
  • Adventure days
  • Easter Hunts



There are a host of activities available across this sunny capital and the surrounding areas to keep children of all ages, with a range of interests busy.

  • Kids with a curious mind will enjoy the Scratch Animation Course at SLQ.
  • QAGOMA has some colourful and creative fun on hand with their holiday feature on Pattern Bandits. Bring out your child’s artistic side.
  • Water-loving kids or those with an interest in crazy creatures will enjoy the interactive displays at the Queensland Museum these holidays. Looking at the myths and legends of the deep underwater expanse this exhibition is sure to get their hearts pumping.



For the young at heart and of course the tender ages themselves, there are a range of educational ways to learn about the country’s capital.