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The new school year is fast approaching and there’s no better time than to get organised for what the new year holds. Preparing for the first day of term can be daunting, and it sure goes far beyond just the gathering school supplies and textbooks. The new school year can bring huge changes, whether it’s the shift from Year 6 to High School, Year 10 to Senior School or the transition from K (prep) to ‘big school’. Tutoring for Excellence has gathered the top 5 tips to help prepare for 2019, from physical to mental preparation.

  1. Discuss the next steps

It’s always good to chat with your child and ask how they are feeling about the changes in their routine. For younger ones it may be difficult coping with change, new school groups, working in a foreign part of the school or moving to a new school all together. From here, you can work out the next steps and tackle any feelings of unease or discomfort.

  1. Engage a private tutor

Organising a private tutor can be extremely beneficial to the needs of your child. Having a support network and someone to bounce ideas back with will not only improve their confidence and attentiveness but also their retention of information. Early intervention will go a long way to ensure that your child is not left behind and will see greater achievement overall.

  1. Seek additional support from teachers

If there is any uneasiness of starting school, especially with younger students, it’s always a good idea to seek help from their school or teacher. Establishing a meeting with their teacher will help with the issue and allow you to discuss any solutions for the classroom environment.

  1. Get organised

It’s always a good idea to get organised. Create weekly planners and discuss the idea of establishing a routine. If a student is transitioning into Year 12, study plans may be a good idea, organised around important exams like trials, VCE or HSC exams.

  1. Set goals for the year

Setting goals for the year will help motivate your child. It’s important to establish goals that are not focused solely on academic results, as this will help ease the pressure of academic success.

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