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Parents are innately protective of their children. If they are sad they will do what they can to make them happy. If they are lost in their lives parents are there to help guide the way. Many parents espouse the importance of education but very few are appropriately trained to teach. Teachers are not always available to offer the one-to-one support that some students need. So when a child struggles at school there are many reasons why engaging the services of a tutor is the best option for your child.

1. Confidence

Being brand new to a school, a subject, a teacher or higher educational expectations can make children feel anxious and uncertain about their abilities. With big changes in their learning such as starting high school or facing exam laden years can undermine and challenge a child’s self esteem. There is a lot of pressure in schools and within peer groups to achieve results that take much hard work and dedication. Unfortunately this is not always possible without intervention. A tutor is not only equipped to support the learning needs of a child but also their emotional response to stressful learning requirements. Tutors are able to build confidence in their students by teaching them they are able to solve their problems with the new skills, approaches and learning styles.

2. Remedial Attention

Remedial attention when a child is young can create a learning journey for them that encourages improvement at a faster rate, gives them the ability to use their own initiative to problem solve and increase their confidence. Early intervention by a tutor will go a long way to ensuring that your child is not left behind and will see greater achievement overall.

3. Individual Learning Styles

Different people have variable strengths in their learning styles. Some people excel at numbers, others find literacy comes naturally, while a few have skills across the board. By assessing their learning style a tutor is able to approach learning intervention with specificity and ensure greater improvement. When they work on your child’s weakness they can use their strong points to problem solve their limits and create a learning environment that takes advantage of their natural learning style to maximise results.

4. Professional Knowledge

Most tutors are either current or past teachers that have invested in and engaged with the curriculum. This is a distinct advantage from a tutoring perspective as older students can benefit from this intimate knowledge as they seek tutoring services for upcoming examinations or assessment. A tutor who has this knowledge enables a student to work towards school tasks with the purpose of meeting the standards and guidelines.

Tutoring for Excellence has a range of highly skilled and experienced tutors who can work with your child on anything from exam nerves to dyslexia. They are committed and dedicated individuals that are passionate about teaching and learning.